Building eCommerce Websites using WordPress

Ifiokobong Akpan
Last Update August 3, 2021
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About This Course

While it’s never been easier to start a business online and make a living selling products on a WordPress website, many people get lost when it comes to creating a stylish WordPress website. By following this course, you will BE ABLE to build a powerful WordPress eCommerce website with products and get ahead in your journey as an entrepreneur.

I’ll walk you through every step in how to use WordPress and build an ecommerce website through a series of videos.

After completing this course, you will be prepared to start your own online business using custom products and WordPress with minimal upfront costs.

Learning Objectives

Be able to create WordPress eCommerce website in 2hours
Be able to install the latest version of WordPress on your computer
Be able to use different plugins to enhance your website
Be able to use the WooCommerce exactly as it should be with a series of step by step videos


  • A computer/laptop
  • Operating systems: Windows/linux/MacOS
  • A working Internet Connection for running WordPress Online
  • BROWSER: Chrome/Firefox/Safari

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Business men and women


10 Lessons2h

WordPress Installation & It’s Interface

This lesson covers the steps you will take to install WordPress into your PC
Installation of WordPress into Localhost (PC)00:08:22
WordPress Dashboard Interface12:36Preview

Themes and Plugins Installation

In this section, you will see the steps to installation WordPress themes and plugins which will be used to build an ecommerce store.

Website Customization

Beautify your website and make it more beautiful by customizing it.

Building eCommerce Store

In this section, you will get to configure your eCommerce store using all the tools we have installed so far.

Extra Notes & Logo Design

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Material Includes

  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • External Links for other resources

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