Data Analysis in MS Excel

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About Course

Course Highlights:

In this course, you will embark on a journey from the beginner level to becoming proficient in Excel, with a focus on practical applications. Here’s what you’ll learn: 📑💻

🔹 The Basics of Microsoft Excel: Start from the ground up, mastering the essential features and functions of Excel. Learn how to navigate the interface, format cells, create formulas, and manage data effectively.

🔹 Maintaining Large Data Sets: Explore techniques for managing extensive sets of data in lists or tables. Learn how to organize, sort, filter, and manipulate data, enabling you to efficiently work with vast amounts of information.

🔹 Basic and Complex Excel Functions: Gain a deep understanding of Excel functions and formulas. Discover how to use built-in functions to perform calculations, analyze data, and solve complex problems, empowering you to derive valuable insights.

🔹 Analyzing Academic, Business, and Financial Reports: Learn how to leverage Excel’s powerful analytical capabilities to interpret and analyze academic, business, and financial reports. Discover techniques for data visualization, charting, and trend analysis.

🔹 Designing Dynamic Database Systems: Dive into the realm of database design using Excel. Explore methods to create robust and dynamic database systems that can efficiently store, retrieve, and manipulate data.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to efficiently organize and manage data using Excel.
  • Techniques for cleaning and formatting raw data for analysis.
  • Understanding and applying various functions in Excel.
  • Creating informative charts and graphs to visualize data trends.
  • Performing data analysis using pivot tables and pivot charts.
  • Strategies for data interpretation and drawing meaningful insights.
  • Practical exercises and real-world examples to reinforce learning.

Course Content

Beginners Class

  • Excel Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting – Part 2
  • Functions and Formula
  • Formula and Functions – Projects
  • Formula & Functions – Part 3
  • Data Validation
  • Relative and Absolute Reference

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class


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