Ultimate UI/UX Mega Course From Beginning to Pro

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About Course

This course is focused on any individual who wants to start a career in the fast-growing field of UI/UX which focused on understanding how users interact with products, then creating seamless and delightful product (Mobile, Web, and other) experiences for them. Also, to gain scalable and measurable knowledge in relevant UI/UX software such as Figma and Adobe XD. One needs no degree or prior experience to begin, as everything is original and crafted to the most simplified approaches.

The course is a totality of detailed knowledge in design in a step-by-step approach, well-simplified lessons with measurable views & precision of points. It features all relevant resources, materials, examples, and projects. Not just for first-timers but also for experienced ones who want to upgrade their skills and workflow. Always remember that for you to stand out, you must be exposed to knowledge of different views to find better ground and attract more attention.

This course is divided into sub-units:

  • Introduction to UI/UX (Theory)
  • Download and Setup
  • Understanding Fonts and Its Installation
  • Welcome to Figma Interface
  • Knowing the Toolbars
  • Knowing core basic operations and actions
  • Welcome to Adobe XD Interface
  • Understanding Principles of Design Fundamentals
  • Understanding Wireframe and Types
  • Hack to improve workflow and design smarter
  • Getting Started with Mini Projects
  • Getting Started with Main Projects
  • Prototyping Projects
  • Mockups and Sharing
  • Professional Tips, Practice, and Cultures.

The goal of this course is to help you become professional and also give you a soft landing into tech as a career or freelance. Here, you’ll receive resources that will keep you fit even beyond and I wish you success. Cheers!



Are the videos downloadable?

The videos are highly compressed and downloadable.

Will I be able to download the software?

Yes, The link to the software is available in the description of the videos on “Download and Setups”, and all resources used in the course will be given to you as well for FREE. Please check the description of each video lesson, and if there is any link to download any relevant materials.

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What Will You Learn?

  • How to Use Figma and Adobe XD to Create Awesome User Interfaces Designs
  • How to Create Designs for Mobile, Web, Smart Gadget, and Other Products
  • How to Create A Professional Wireframe For UI Projects
  • How to Work With Vast UI Materials for Projects
  • How to Prototype Projects on Multiple Screens
  • How to Share, Document, Present, and Publish Your Designs
  • How to Post and Create An Account on Behance, Dribble, and Upwork (Working as Freelancer)
  • How to Build A UI Designs Portfolio
  • How to Create UI Designs Effects such as Glassmorphism, Neumorphism, Skeuomorphism, and Others, Including Working with Plugins.

Course Content

Introduction to UI/UX
In this section, we are going to understand the practical definitions of User Interface and User Experience Design with relevant real-life examples.

  • Definitions of UI/UX
  • Deep Dive Into UI
  • Installation Theory

Software Download and Setup
In this Section of the course, we will learn how to download the software (that is, Adobe Xd and Figma) and how to install them, we will also extend our knowledge to how we can create a free account and setting up for the software

Fonts and It’s Installation
In this section, we will explore the definition of font, the types and how industries make use of the types of fonts in their branding and products.

Getting Started with Figma Interface
In this session, we will learn and introduce ourselves to the UI's most recommended design software, we will learn in a bit, how to effortlessly create awesome UI with its by getting familiar with its tools and interfaces functions

Understanding The Tool (Toolbars)
In the session, we are going to understand the tools in the design software that will enable us to design interfaces effortlessly and creatively.

Understanding Some Basic Operations and Actions
Knowing how it works and how to do the extraordinary is a great tool, In this session, we will learn how to perform some basic operations and actions to aid our skill in interface design.

Getting Started with Adobe XD Interface
We will take another dive into understanding the Adobe XD UI software and how to leverage it for a powerful and creative design quest.

Principles of Design Fundamental
In this section, we will learn the principle of design fundamentals which are the governing power of every design. they serve as the reasons why we action an action in a certain way and it's importance.

In this section, we will learn about wireframe and how to begin with one even before we get our project started.

Working Smart Tricks
In this section, we will learn how to improve our workflow, by learning trick to increase productivity and boost performance. we will as well explore tools, ways and method to get the done well.

Getting begin With Mini Projects
In the section, we will begin our journey into design a mini projects, with easy difficulty level (that is, very easy to follow and do likewise), then we will raise into more real deal in the subsequent projects.

Getting Started With Main Project
In this section, we will begin with our main project - ShowPrime

Getting Started With UI Effect Trends
In this section, we will design some effects trend in UI using our software and we will understand how to create them from scratch and how to create them using plugins.

Designing Second Main Projects
In this section, we will design our second main project - Keen Marketer. A digital Marketing platform that provides services on marketing. the project comes with 3D illustration and some other UI resources making it a well designed defined and appealing UI

Mobile Structure & Design
In this section, we shall examine the structure, the basis of how to design a mobile UI with the wireframe and also how to create the a wireframe and scratch using a traditional way and other means as well to construct a flexible wireframes for our design and we will then go into design.

In this section, we will be learning how to prototype a project from scratch, which is the simulation and motion interactions between screens, components, kits and button for the purpose of testability and validating the designs.

Presentation and Sharing
In this section, we will learn how to prepare a professional documentations of presentations with all rudiments of variations and approach types.

In this section, we will learn how to share our works on design platforms such as behance, dribble and others. we will also learn some professional tips, culture and best practices

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